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The Reading Fee.

This is where the magic starts. Typically, a client will want to know “where” the manuscript is in terms of publication; what’s the “next step”?

A new client will be invited to email his or her manuscript to us. We will read and review the manuscript, evaluating it for that mysterious quality of readability. A phone conference will be scheduled with the author, and a written evaluation will be presented, discussing the manuscript—its pluses and its “areas of potential improvement”—and providing an outline of the path to publication.

The Reading Fee evaluation is also the necessary first step when a client has a book that’s already published.

Soup-to-Nuts Edit.

Usually a multi-step, multi-stage process, this “kitchen sink” edit is a comprehensive evaluation of the initial status of the manuscript, followed by the continuing preparation for publication. The Soup-to-Nuts Edit includes all aspects of its contents: punctuation and grammar, word choice, plot, pace, and character development. We work collaboratively with the author through a series of scheduled meetings to prepare the manuscript for publication.

The Help-I’m-Stuck Edit.

The Help-I’m-Stuck Edit is similar to the Soup-to-Nuts edit, but the author is generally further along the path to publication and his or her questions are more focused to specific areas of the work.

Sometimes an author will go down a path that initially looked quite productive, but has since seemed to fizzle out. Rather than spend a lot of time going down a time-crunching and frustrating rabbit hole, an author will schedule a Help-I’m-Stuck Edit, which usually involves several discussions with the goal of getting the author back on track.

The Developmental Edit.

The Developmental Edit targets plot and character development, and focuses, in the case of plot, on areas of disconnect, and, in the case of characterization, delineates more clearly the differences between characters, particularly those secondary characters so vital to a good book.

Book coaching.

From time to time, an author will need solid advice in the early stages of story development. Everyone needs a little nudge occasionally, and we can provide that nudge, whether in the form of a pat on the back, an encouraging “You can do it,” or a swift kick in the backside.

Other pre-publication services for clients.

We offer fact-checking and research services, as well as illustration research and acquisition services. We also provide book cover design, ancillary writing services like back-of-the-book matter, and a complete build-out of the Author Page for our clients. All authors need a great website, and we offer website development and promotional services to all our editing clients.


 The Reboot Edit.

There are lots of people out there with published books who did not use the services of a professional editor prior to publication. If your book did not set the world on fire when it was published but you are absolutely convinced of its value, our Reboot Edit is what you need. The Reboot Edit is a thorough evaluation of everything your book is: the cover, the back-the-book matter, the content, the characters…everything. If it’s good and you know it, then we will polish your diamond until it sparkles.

Interestingly, established authors often need this service, particularly for older or earlier titles published at a time when their familiarity with excellence in writing wasn’t quite where it is today.

Other post-publication services.

Edit NATION offers strategic marketing plans, including building an attractive and effective website and organizing and implementing book tour events and other promotional activities for our clients. We have had great success navigating the occasionally perilous waters of applying for book awards on behalf of our clients.

We at Leprechaun, Inc. were fortunate to find Liz Coursen when it came time to edit our book, Turning Up the Light: Four Steps to Brighter Management. I used to think I had some expertise in the use of the English language, but quickly learned I had no clue. Her outstanding expert knowledge of the English language blew me away. Liz was very patient as we worked through my manuscript line by line and assisted in creatively solving some of the more difficult editing issues. Liz Coursen is THE person you want to edit your next book!

—Kevin Mooney

Liz edited and published my award-winning memoir. She carefully researched and patiently fact-checked and went above and beyond the call of duty to give me enormous confidence my book was factually accurate. She also arranged several book tour events with standing-room-only crowds, and, if not for the coronavirus, we’d still be going strong. She’s great! I have enjoyed working with Liz, and would continue our relationship if I were to write a sequel.

Charles J. Palmeri, author, Boy Soldier: Recollections of World War II