Hi everyone!
I was looking at this famous speaker’s website, and on the page about his speaking, there’s a typo. It’s the all-to-common mistake, using everyday for every day.
I’ve talked about this before, but I’m continuing to see so many mistakes!
Everyday (one word) means commonplace, nothing special: This is my everyday dress.
Every day (two words) means, well, every day, like each day: This is happens every day.
If you say those two sentences out loud, you can hear the difference! (Helloooo, all you speakers out there!!)
So, here’s my question: Tell, or not tell? If I tell, how should I tell? I mean, this is a famous guy, a self-described “world-famous” author. Has done a million and one talks for Ted. He’s a Ted Talker.  Sorry, my humor. (Oh, I’m sure that’s not original, but, please remember, I don’t get out much.)
I’d like the outcome to be hired by this guy, and others like him. There are dozens of basic mistakes on his website. (How does this happen?) How can I approach him and not have him come unglued?
I’m open to suggestions.