It’s pretty easy to run around and find major, jaw-dropping mistakes in the online content of people who are running around representing themselves as editors or publishers. In fact, it’s not “pretty” easy, it’s damn easy.
But, here’s the thing. All you authors, you should know basic principles of American English! There’s NO WAY you should be so ignorant of basic stuff like the placement of quotation marks or noun-pronoun agreement that you get suckered in by charlatans like the companies I’ve been profiling.
So shame on you if your book comes out looking like a sixth grader edited it! Shame on you if your standards aren’t higher. Shame on you if you don’t care enough about your good name to seek out the people who know what they are doing and care enough to make their own online content perfect.
‘Cause I got news for you: If people who call themselves “editors” or “publishers” don’t care about their own writing, they sure as hell aren’t going to care about yours!