Question: If someone advertised that he (or she!) is a WordPress “expert” and a “business adviser,” but misspelled the word “adviser,” would you have any confidence whatsoever that his (or her!) advice would be worth, well, anything?
Answer: Hell, no!
But, gee, that’s just what I saw recently on a LinkedIn profile of a self-proclaimed WordPress “expert.” I can’t post the entire sentence, since I just realized that when the sentence is “googled” this person comes up #1 with a bullet, but I can tell you that “adviser” was spelled “adisor.”
It’s kind of like a professional bio I edited recently and the person, who was in a branch of the U. S. military for 20 years, spelled “united,” as in “United States,” as “unted.” He (it’s a “he”) wants to be a professional speaker.
Question: How many misspelled words does it take to ruin your credibility?
Answer: Depends. If you’re an eighth-grader, I’ll cut you some slack. If you are a grown up and are marketing yourself as a professional, you get no slack, especially if the word should have been caught by spell-check.
In fact, if you can’t spell, not only would I not pay for your advice, I wouldn’t take it, even for free!