As the kids say, OMG. I’ve seen a lot of jaw-droppingly bad writing coming out of WordPress WordCamps. A. Lot. But this, this takes the cake.

Just cast your eyes over this amazingly, appallingly bad bio from the Miami WordCamp site. I’m not sure if it’s a joke, but I don’t think so, because one sentence missing its verb I could sort of understand, but THREE? Three seems to be a deliberate style of sorts, kinda in the “Me Tarzan, you Jane” sense of the barely literate. It makes the fact that he alternates between his first and last names, a huge no-no, not even worthy of discussion.

Four sentences out of five are either missing their verbs or use the wrong verb form. Un-bee-leevable!

Take a look:

James Tryon is the lead ambassador of, co-founder of among other things. James is married with 3 kids. He also helps organizer of WordCamp Orlando & the WordPress Orlando meetup group. He has been in the creative industry since 1998. Tryon has an eye for design and usability, and also possess the know-how to plan, design, and dev it all if needed.

An avid collector of random awesomeness and unique creations, James always finding something interesting to spark his creativity. When James not working, he is more than likely making something, playing with toys, or hanging with friends and family.