Every community has its spelling vagaries. Here in Sarasota, we have two community “secrets” that, if you don’t know them, will immediately expose you to laughter and ridicule.

The first is that Michael Saunders is a woman. There’s that old story that goes around about a guy at a cocktail party who brags about how well he knows “Mike”: “Yeah, he and I are real tight.”

The second is a spelling thing. It’s St. Armands. Plural. Don’t ask me why; it just is.

Here are two headings from a realtor’s website that demonstrate that his or her writer just ain’t from around here:

The St. Armand’s Office Virtual Window

Luxury downtown living close to beaches & St. Armand’s Circle.

I got this off one of those pay-per-click ads, which I clicked on, called the realtor, and informed her of the mistake.

Those ads aren’t cheap! Don’t be cheap! Hire locals who know how to spell!

And, writers, when in doubt about a spelling issue, go to some authoritative source, like a chamber of commerce.