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Dog Saves Pregnant Owner By Smelling Her Belly

At first, no one was able to understand the reason behind this dog’s weird behavior but when they did, it changed them as a person forever.

Dog Wont Stop Braking At Pregnant Owner; Shocking HealthZap

Just by reading that first “teaser,” I know that “HealthZap” is not a credible source of information about health, well-being, wellness, or, really, anything. “No one” is a singular noun, so you can’t use “they,” which is a plural pronoun. And then there’s my favorite part: “them” referring to “a person.” Christ on a sidecar; who are these people???

And the second teaser reinforces my first impression. “Wont” is actually a word, but what was meant is “won’t,” and then…since when does a dog “brake”?

“HealthZap” could tell me that the sun rises in the east, and I’d want a second, and then a third, opinion. Why get up in the morning if you are going to write like this? Worst writing in the history of the planet!