Classic ACC Basketball! Tech versus the Trojans, circa 1990!

Travis! James! Jon!

This is can’t miss basketball!

I didn’t miss a home game, from Travis until Stephon. I remember this time so vividly: My first love was a Tech man. When he came into my house for the very first time, he was clutching a VHS tape and babbling about “Kenny, Kenny.” (I had taken one look at the tape and thought, Oh, no! Pornography!)

When I understood what he was talking about, I thought, Big tall guys running up and down a court? I don’t think so!

Within seconds of us watching this “Kenny,” I turned to him and said, “Do you have any more of these tapes?”

And I watch them still.

Remember Jon’s brilliant passing? Look for an especially pretty pass at about 13 minutes. Look how nimble Malcolm looks! Look at Freddie Vinson!

The first two years he and I dated, he bought scalped tickets on the sidewalk. We parked on the access ramp off of 75/85. Then we broke up, and I bought season tickets, and kept them for four or five years.

This game is a total thriller! Don’t spoil it by googling the end! Watch it through. And prepared to be thrilled.