NEWS FLASH: CNN hits new lows!

Dateline: Sarasota, Florida!

Just when you think it can’t get any worse at CNN, why, they grab a shovel and just keep digging!

This person plainly doesn’t know the rudiments of American English.

It’s often been said that President Donald Trump is “underperforming the fundamentals”.

Dearie, quotation marks are always placed outside periods or commas in American English. No, you didn’t find the sole exception!

But at least one key indicator suggests Trump is, indeed, doing worse than the average Republican would be doing in the same conditionsTrump doesn’t seem to be receiving the average boost an incumbent does compared to his party brethren in the House.

Since when do two hyphens equal a dash? Since never!

The fact that Biden’s lead is wider than the House Democrats’ edge is unusual. If it holds, it would be ahistoric.

No, you’re not being clever with ahistoric. It’s true that I’ve lived my whole entire life without seeing or hearing that word, but its novelty is not the source of my disdain for its use. First, I don’t care for it. To be “outside history.” Nope, don’t care for it. Second, I don’t think ahistoric can be anything but an adjective. And really, I think ahistoric is an adjective that can only be used with an opinion about history that only a person can have. But I hate it paired with lead. An ahistoric lead. Ick. It’s mind-numbing to think about possible substitutions or possible rephrasing. Ick is exactly what comes to mind. And then there’s that whole “is it an historic or a historic” conversation. Double ick!

The simple reason is that more Democrats (i.e. the majority party) have an incumbency advantage in the House, while Trump enjoys that same advantage for the presidency.

Always place a comma after i.e. and e.g. Always.

We see that in races for all levels of office (e.g. House, Senate and president). 

See above.

If we include these elections in our group, the party with House control has outrun their party’s presidential candidate 13 of 15 times (87%) in the last 80 years.

Would someone please ‘splain to this person that party is a collective noun and is singular! See below as well.

Or put another way, the minority party in the House has done better in the presidential race 13 of 15 times when they either control the White House or the incumbent president is not running for re-election.