Oh, that was the fun part! It was like a little campfire: We had dressing rooms set up inside the studio, and we would report to the set everyday. It was at least a week or two of shooting that, and Brian never knew who was going to be in the background or whatever so we were all asked to be [there]. It was really fun when we weren’t shooting, because we were goofing around and having a really good time. We were all young, we were happy and we were getting paid $600 a week. We were bonding like high school kids even though we were all in our 20s. 

Sissy at first was like, “Gosh, I want to hang out with you guys. You are so much fun, but I need to feel alienated from you.” By the time the prom sequence came around, she said: “I can’t stand it, you guys are having too much fun.” She was just a doll, and we thought she was amazing. In fact, the first time the bucket drops blood on her, that was a three-day shoot. They had a trailer in the back of the studio and she slept with the blood so it would match. She didn’t want to take off the dress and she didn’t want to take a shower until the end. I thought “Wow, that’s dedication because that stuff is sticky!” I don’t know how much sleep she got.